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Glazed salmon with raw beet salad

February 19, 2012

This was our main from Saturday night. Teresa made the glaze for the salmon. It was delicious. I asked her what was in it, and she said she couldn’t remember. She’s self-conscious about this because it was a quickie meal, made late at night, between commercials in our movie. Maple syrup and soya were definitely in there.

The salad was thrown together using remnants of a salad I made last weekend. It’s a raw beet and pear salad from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook Cook with Jamie.

Teresa found the feta too salty in this last weekend, and she was right. So we used goat cheese this time around. Also, it’s much better served on top of arugula like this, rather than on its own. Teresa’s taken to warming her salads lately, so we threw these in the microwave for about 20 seconds. I like what that did to the goat cheese. Finally, we threw on some homemade vinaigrette from the fridge. I’ve always got a few different vinaigrettes in there. Not sure what exactly what was in this one, but we use oyster sauce instead of dijon mustard as our main emulsifier–a delicious trick I learned from our favourite local restaurant, Piece of Cake, before it closed down 😦


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  1. David Toews permalink

    I love the colours on this plate!

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