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Welcome to Mussel Beach

February 19, 2012

My love of cooking is something that began gradually. As an 18-year-old, on my own for the first time, I started experimenting with about the only dish I knew how to make, chili.

Twenty-plus years and a few cooking classes later, there are few things I enjoy as much as spending time in the kitchen trying to prepare a delicious meal for family or friends. I hoard cookbooks and recipe magazines–to the point where I really can’t buy anymore without doing (another) purge.

Through the week, our eating tends to be fairly utilitarian. My wife and I are both journalists. It’s all we can do most days just to finish our stories, pick up the kids, and put something in their bellies.

Friday night we make our own pizza, and most Saturday nights, I try to make something special to impress my wife.

Sunday mornings, there’s nothing I love more than starting the day with a stock simmering on the stove. I love making soups. Wife Teresa, meanwhile, is our resident pastry chef.

I work mostly from recipes, but always experiment while doing so. And I’ve long needed to do a better job of keeping track of what works, and what doesn’t, so I have a record for next time. That’s what this blog is for. And if people want to grab some recipes to try for themselves, or have tips to share to help me improve, so much the better.

Living on PEI, mussels have become a staple. They’re fresh, delicious, inexpensive, and extremely versatile. I’ve always wanted to start collecting my favourite mussel recipes. I’ll do that here as well.


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