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Vinaigrette with Fresh Lemon and Oyster Sauce

March 18, 2012

Making your own vinaigrette is really easy, and produces fantastic results. You can make a large batch, keep the extra in the fridge and be able to make fantastic salads any day of the week in only minutes.

This is pretty much our standard recipe. Oyster sauce is the emulsifier rather than dijon mustard. It provides a wonderful, sweet flavour. The fresh lemon is definitely worth it, it adds a lot of kick to this recipe.

You can mess around with the amounts. I measured quite carefully, which I never do. I think if I was free-pouring I might have ended up with a little bit more oyster sauce or maple syrup. You can try different vinegars or combinations of vinegars, swap honey for the syrup, add fresh herbs. Anything goes!

Vinaigrette with Fresh Lemon and Oyster Sauce

1 shallot, finely chopped
1-1/4 cups olive oil
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1-1/2 tbsp maple syrup
salt & freshly ground pepper

1. Combine all ingredients. That’s it!

TIP: If you don’t have one of those little citrus juicers, just cut the lemon in half (after you’ve grated away the zest). Wet both your hands with water so as not to absorb the juice, then squeeze the  lemon halves one-at-a-time with one hand, using your other hand to catch the seeds.


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  1. This salad, if you wanted inspiration, is just mixed greens, red and green peppers, grapes, pecans, with some Parmesan shavings.

  2. Johnny Rukavina permalink

    I looked everywhere in superstore but could not find Oyster Sauce. I found “fish sauce”, but this looked sort of disgusting. Any idea where I can get me some?

    I also had to look up “emulsifier”….. look at you with the fancy chef talk! Go Kerry!

  3. Kerry Campbell permalink

    It’s in the Asian section Johnny, in there with the teriyaki sauce, not far from the fish sauce you found. Keep looking, it’s worth it. You can also head to any one of our many Asian grocery stores, but it’s not necessary. I like the little store by the old bus depot on Belvedere, there’s lots of cool stuff there and you probably pay less than Superstore.

    • Johnny Rukavina permalink

      Thanks Kerry…. I’ll keep looking (I always have a terrible time finding things in the Superstore). I made a modified oyster sauce-free version last night and it was yummy anyhow. One more question: Shallots are the things that look like tiny onions but are *not* green onions/scallions, correct?

      • That’s right. They usually sell them in little bags of 250 g, sometimes they sell them loose. They have a milder, more peppery taste. Closest perhaps to a scallion but I’m not sure I would use scallion in a vinaigrette.

        I use scallions a lot in dishes where an onion would seem like too much brute force.

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