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Sue-On’s Kitchen

March 29, 2012

Sue-On Hillman and her family (the Choy family) operated the best Chinese restaurant in Brandon for years until they sold the land to the Credit Union next door and Soo’s Chop Suey House closed down.

Actually to call Soo’s the best in Brandon doesn’t begin to do it justice. Often when I order Chinese I find myself thinking, “Hmmm, not as good as Soo’s.” I did manage once to prise from Sue-On her excellent recipe for hot and sour soup. I’m told I’m one of only two people who’ve been given the recipe, and I’m absolutely not allowed to share:)

Anyway, I was thrilled the other day to see Sue-On (or rather her husband Bill) has been taking photographs of just about everything she cooks, apparently, and putting them up on the family’s voluminous website. There are also some recipes and tips for some authentic Chinese dishes as well as some of the more popular items they used to serve at Soo’s.

Definitely worth a look. If you’re browsing on an empty stomach, well, you’ll be very hungry in no time. Maybe pull out the menu from your favourite Chinese take-out in advance, although it won’t be able to compare.

I hope Sue-On doesn’t mind, but I’ve grabbed one of her photos to tempt you. This is her Yangzhou Fried Rice:


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One Comment
  1. Hey Kerry! Thanks for the link.

    Actually, I take the pictures and hubby collates them. He claims that’s the only way he can find out what he ate for supper;-) Usually, he asks, “Are we eating anything photogenic tonight?”

    Yes…MUM’s the word on my Hot ‘n’ Sour soup. It’s ancient Chinese secret. LOL!

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