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Every household needs a pastry chef

April 1, 2012

Teresa’s handiwork. She does all the baking, looks good doing it too. And loves using the Kitchenaid Pro we got as a wedding present last year… such thoughtful friends.

This is a red velvet cake, every bit as delicious as it looks, made using the recipe on the cover of the latest Food & Wine magazine. Love Food & Wine Magazine. The recipe doesn’t seem to be on their website but try this.


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  1. A good team combination:-)
    Have heard much about Red Velvet cake. I must give it a try. This has the cream cheese icing?
    Does the cake leave your teeth red? I know when I use black icing, teeth look pretty black. Would be great for Halloween;-)

  2. Yes, the recipe in the magazine had a pudding-type icing but Teresa wouldn’t go for that, so the icing is cream cheese. Scrumptious. Haven’t noticed our teeth have been discoloured. I can’t say the same for our floors, or the bottoms of Ollie’s socks. As much as he loves this cake (and was reluctant to share any of his with his dad), a few pieces seem to fall by the wayside.

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