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Mussel Fail

April 24, 2012

It may rather undermine the message I mean to deliver in a future post, that is, that mussels are the easiest protein to prepare, but we had a recent (and might I add in my defense rare?) mussel failure at our household.

The problem? I couldn’t resist the urge to pack too many mussels into my pan, even though I know better. You have to allow room so that you can easily move the mussels around by shaking the pan. You also have to allow enough room so the shells can open, even with the lid on the pot.

The result here was uneven cooking of the mussels. I still picked through and ate, they were all cooked well enough to consume, but Teresa lost her appetite. Adding to the disaster, I had somehow forgotten how I’d made mussels with mushrooms the last time around–they’d been quite tasty–and these were rather bland.

Next time!


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  1. Michael MacISAAC permalink

    Mussels, some Kosher salt, a little water and cook. Dip in Butter. End of story. This is how I did it last night.

    • Sounds good except for the water. My cardinal rule is no water. Why not a little wine, or stock of some kind?

  2. Nothing can beat coconut milk, white wine, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, a handful of cilantro thrown in just before serving. Gotta slurp when mussels are all gone…

    • Sounds good, I’ll give it a try. Been wondering what to do with the kaffir lime leaves I picked up awhile ago.

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