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Try the Arctic Char

June 12, 2012

Very sorry for the long delay between posts. I’ll post a new recipe in the morning. In the meantime, some dining tips from the past weekend.

If you live on PEI, or if you live within a day’s drive and are looking for a vacation, get yourself to Shaw’s at Brackley Beach. It’s the resort where Teresa and I were married one year ago yesterday.

The food is phenomenal. We went back last weekend. They have a $35 fixed price menu. The chowder is the best I’ve had. And for your main, order the arctic char. It’s farmed from Nova Scotia and it’s exquisite.

Of course you should rent a cottage and stay the night. Just down the road is the incredible Dunes Studio Gallery & Café. We’d never eaten there before. I had crab cakes for lunch, Teresa had the salmon. Chefs in the Brackley area really know what they’re doing with a piece of fish. But the best was the basmati rice that came with Teresa’s meal. I tried to recreate it the very next day when we arrived home, with some good pointers from our waitress, and insight from Teresa.

Finally, Amanda’s in North Rustico is one of many restaurants on the island who offer all sorts of types of fried fish, clams, scallops, on a bun or off. I’m on a bit of a scallop burger binge myself. Usually, the scallops are from the deep freeze, and my best guess would be they’re from away… perhaps far away. South America far.

The menu at Amanda’s made all sorts of claims that the seafood was fresh and local. I was skeptical, but convinced once the food arrived that this was not your typical frozen fare. Teresa had clam strips which were actually made from fresh clams. I hadn’t realized in all these years of eating clam strips that an actual fried clam tastes nothing like that. The real thing was a treat.

Just after two o’clock, several rubber-booted lobster boat workers came in for lunch, their work day over after an early start on the water hauling lobster traps. Nice local colour if you dine during lobster season, any day but Sunday when the boats stay in the harbour.


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  1. Sounds wonderful! Glad you had some good eating on your mini vacay!

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