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Uncle Pablo’s Paella

August 11, 2012

When you have an Uncle Pablo (secret identity: Cpt. J.P. Wright), you’re only partly surprised when he comes visiting from Montreal, equipped with the largest paella pan you’ve ever seen (I must admit to a certain amount of paella pan envy).

This was Uncle Pablo’s and his girlfriend Jacinthe’s treat for us, in exchange I suppose for letting them stay in our 1980 camper van/motorhome for the week. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

I’m still looking for the recipe. Just wanted to share some pictures. This was delicious of course.


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  1. We love paella – best when the whole dang family is around the table. Bill’s sister gave us a cast iron pan years ago, and I use a recipe from The Spanish Table. It’s a basic recipe and you can adjust it for any number of people. We always fight for the bottom crust! You’ll have such an advantage with all the fresh seafood:-)

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