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September 27, 2012

I love fall. Teresa picked up these tomatillos at the market last Saturday. I’ve never used them before. They have a lovely, fruity flavour. Still trying to decide exactly what to do with them. I’ve seen some nice salad recipes that call for grilled corn and some chili varieties I can’t get in Charlottetown.

And then we have this:

I believe it’s referred to as black garlic. I think it’s smoked. A co-worker came back with a bag of them from a story assignment. Apparently some people eat them whole, like chocolate. I think I’ll try to put it in a sauce. Any ideas, fire away. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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  1. Angela permalink

    Black garlic mashed potatoes! Or with something rich like scallops would be my suggestion. yum! It is actually made via fermentation.

    • Yes that was it, fermentation. I saw a wonderful recipe for scallops and was going to do that, but decided on a pesto instead. Now that I’ve used it, I think this black garlic was a lot mushier than what I saw with the scallops, so it might have been a good call. It was delicious, can’t wait to get more. Will post the results shortly.

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