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Grilled Kale

April 27, 2014

Teresa’s been eating a lot of kale lately. She says it’s a superfood. I wanted to try some the other night. I also wanted to get the barbecue going for the first time this season (the five feet of snow surrounding it on the back porch finally melted).

I’m a firm believer in the fact that you can grill just about anything (like mussels). So I did a quick search for grilled kale recipes and thought Rachael Ray’s looked pretty good. Basically you make a simple vinaigrette, but probably with a bigger proportion of oil in this case, to help it stick. I added oyster sauce to mine because I was also using it to marinade a striploin, and because that’s just the way I roll. Anything with sugars in it will help things caramelize and give you a nice crispy burn, which you want with your grilled vegetables–just watch it doesn’t get out of hand.

When I’m using a marinade like this to grill vegetables I usually put the veggies and the vinaigrette in a big ziploc back and shake them around. Sometimes I’ll chop up a few peppers and mix them with olive oil and barbecue sauce. The kids love that.

You can hardly see it in this photo, but we also enjoyed my roasted beet salad with goat cheese and candied pecans with this meal. I’ve blogged this recipe before, but for some reason it’s disappeared from the site. I’ll try to figure out what happened. If I can’t find it, it’ll be worth blogging again.



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