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Grilled Bell Peppers

May 22, 2016


This is less of a recipe, more of a simple technique for grilling that brings easy results. Our kids have always loved peppers done this way. It kind of marks the first meal of the summer season when I make these. Of course they’ll go with anything.

The cost of peppers at our local grocery stores was high all winter, but has come down somewhat, just in time for barbecue season.

IMG_3856All you need to do is cut a few bell peppers into about 1-inch slices. Place those in a large, resealable freezer bag along with about three parts barbecue sauce to one part olive oil. Probably about 4 tbsps in total. Toss those to allow them to coat, and throw them on a hot grill. Watch for flareups from the olive oil. Turn them over once during cooking. They’re done when both sides have blackened and blistered. Our kids would normally balk at things that look burnt, but I’ve explained to them (and it’s not a fib!) that the burn marks are the sweet spots—they taste like sugar. The peppers caramelize nicely this way.

I used to lay these out individually on my grill and turn them over one-by-one with tongs. Getting a grill basket has made this process much simpler and quicker.




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