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Spring lobster season 2016

July 17, 2016

No recipe today, just gratuitous lobster photos from the spring season that ended at the end of June. We didn’t get to the wharf as often as we usually like to. So we made the most of the opportunities we had.

I packed up my propane lobster cooker (I think it was actually designed in order to deep-fry a turkey!) and brought it up to my mother’s cottage in Savage Harbour. She bought the lobster at the local wharf for my birthday.

The great thing about having lobster at the cottage is you can boil or steam it using ocean water. One of the best ways to cook lobster….



I froze the leftover bodies and brought them with us camping. Just to see if it could be done, I turned what was going to be a vegetarian chili into lobster chili–just added the bodies while cooking. Lobster chili was a hit. We’ll have it again next year, I think.


I saved the best for last. We made it five years in a row for visiting the place we were married on our anniversary–Shaw’s Hotel in Brackley Beach.

This year the chef went all out in order to impress us. It worked.

The first night we were there he offered to provide a sampler menu for us, giving us a taste of everything on the menu. When we explained Teresa is a pescatarian (she eats fish but not meat), the server apologized and said they couldn’t do a sampler menu with only fish. But then he came back and said if we came back the next night, the chef would be prepared and could do something up for us. Of COURSE we came back…


The meal was extraordinary. The final entrée was butter-poached lobster (cooked sous vide) with Israeli couscous in what I think the server told us was some kind of hollandaise sauce. It wasn’t on the menu–there was no lobster on the menu. The chef went to Covehead wharf that day and got a single lobster just for us.

This was the most amazing dish I’ve ever had. I came home and made my own Israeli couscous (I’d never had it before). Maybe someday I’ll try poaching lobster in butter sous vide. That would be a couple technical steps beyond anything I’ve done before.

That was our spring lobster season. Fall season is now only two weeks away….


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  1. I so liked your entry here that I reposted it on my blog with a tag line to your blog.

    • Thanks! Hadn’t posted in awhile and had all these lobster photos. Lobster season is one of the things that makes me feel so lucky for living here.

      • Hope you continue posting, your recipes are interesting. I just moved permanently to Charlottetown and am discovering the Island everyday. I am also a 57 yr long listener of the CBC, love Island Morning and MainstreetPEI

      • Welcome to the Island! It’s small, yet we still find new places to explore every year. A great place to live, especially if you love beaches and/or seafood.

  2. What a great post and lobster season. I love that I know where Savage Harbour is at and actually have photographs and a small painting sketch from the beach that I did this spring during lobster season. Thanks to Larry for sharing your post!

    • Every time we watch the sun set from the beach at Savage Harbour we seem to come away with some rather breathtaking photos. But the mosquitoes of Savage Harbour–I expect that’s how the place got its name 😉

      • Thankfully, I was there well ahead of mosquito season Kerry. Being from north central British Columbia, I am very familiar the these fellows. In the Southern Gulf Islands we get spoils though because there is little standing water for them to breed and so we only have a very few, and those ask permission before they bite.

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